Listening to Your Inner Wisdom to Discover Yourself

Nov 16, 2022

Youniq Minds Coach Jyotsna K Dobriyal

Listen to your inner wisdom to discover who you are, listen to your heart, learn your truth at any time, and dare to follow through on what may not come quickly. 

But do you know it is a skill that can help you lead a life full of joy, abundance, and self-acceptance once developed?

Listening to inner wisdom goes beyond mindset, shifting thoughts from negative to positive, or responding, not reacting.  And having the courage to accept your fears and insecurities and confidence that you can move past them.  

Though there are many ways to access your inner wisdom, it helps discover your truth. I want to share what I do to access my inner wisdom! 

Meditation – quieting the mind. For me, the process starts with first thinking about the topic for a few minutes, followed by focusing on my breath. This helps calm and declutter the mind, and when we give it some rest, it can process information within. There will be times when you will feel, sense, and even see an answer.

Walking in nature is like walking out of a room of clutter and distractions and being in the presence of white noise. During walks, I take a moment to focus on the problem and then let it go as I relax while doing walk-in nature. Wisdom comes in a relaxed mind and not in a hyperactive mind. 

Journaling – empty your cup so it can be filled with wisdom. Journaling is powerful because when you write down what you are thinking, you sometimes hear or see what you are avoiding hearing or missing, or sometimes it gives you the ability to question yourself. When we ask ourselves, we learn to respond and not react. 

Noticing ego-speak – Ego is a heavy load we carry with us daily and blocks our way of accessing our wisdom. Through mindfulness, when I started observing my ego-speak, I learned that my mind kept me locked in a victim state and, at times, played with me. 

 You can do some of these things at a time to access your wisdom. You can choose any of these ways or come up with your solution but remember to set the intention that you will take simple steps each day. 

Living your truth does not mean that all of life’s challenges disappear. It does not mean negative thoughts won’t happen or emotions won’t rise. Instead, it brings your best self forward despite the challenge and your ego-self. We can overcome these challenges, rise above them, and be the self we were destined to be.

Here is an experiment that I recommend to you – Book 30 minutes on your calendar for the next four weeks to sit quietly, focusing on your breath and doing nothing, and see what comes up for you.

You’ll be awe-mazed about what happens when you work on connecting to your core truth!

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Written by Jyotsna Dobriyal

Jyotsna K Dobriyal is a Leadership Coach and People Services Advisor. As a coach, she works with professionals committed to their development and growth. She helps them discover their authentic strategies to develop confident personal brands and lead at higher levels. Her knowledge, sensitivity, and passion for helping professionals find their voice, explore their confidence and activate their higher potential gives you a strategic partner on your career-life path.

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