As business scales
employees must become leaders who can step up to new challenges.

With 1-on-1 coaching and custom leadership programs,
I enable this for businesses.

Leadership Coaching
For Corporate & Start-ups

Leadership coaching is not just for the C-suite anymore.
As businesses look to retain top talent and fill the positions with internal talent,
building leaders become an integral part of skilling across organisations.

To succeed during transformations or change,
businesses must prepare all employees to be leaders,
not only in their roles but also in their company.


Our Customised Solutions are built to meet your ‘Youniq’ Needs

I approach the work by taking the time to understand your unique needs
and propose a program that will give you the best ROI.
My favorite projects are those that aim to work on

Developing People Managers

High Potentials

Developing Women Leaders

New Managers

Mid To Senior Management

Managing Transition

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My Commitment is to help your company achieve its next significant milestone by supporting you in building the capabilities of your most important asset – your people.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Customized one-to-one coaching programs focus on living and leading authentically so that you can operate at your utmost potential

I work with clients who are committed to the betterment and radical transformation.
My clients are ambitious, nimble, and committed to providing professional development opportunities to their employees and for their and organisation’s success.

During coaching, my work focuses on creating results based on awareness in these four areas

Inner Self

  • Intuition
  • Subconscious Mind
  • Mental Roadblocks

Outer Self

  • Habits
  • How You Act
  • How You Are Perceived By The World

Inner Collective

  • The Belief
  • Feelings
  • Culture That Shapes Your Organisation

Outer Collective

  • The Systems
  • Structures
  • Frameworks That Guides Your Organisation

Invest In Your People

Youniq-Minds provide the most personalised, comprehensive leadership coaching experience to drive personal growth and organisational outcomes.

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My mission is to help leaders and organisations grow.
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The purpose of mentoring is to
help you grow by tapping into
the knowledge and experience of
someone further along than yourself

Jyotsna K Dobriyal, Founder of Youniq Minds

Being a mentor means taking all the experience I have accumulated throughout my
career and life, and transferring it to the mentee for their benefit.

Apart from being a mentor to my clients, I work with firms to train their experienced
employees on how to become mentors and help them to launch a mentorship program.

Set Apart Your Organisation
With Mentorship

Enable your teams to progress when stakes are high!

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I help businesses save time in grooming and retaining talent so that
they are available to take roles within the organisation.
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I help clients design and deploy
people strategies aligned to
business requirements

Jyotsna K Dobriyal, Founder of Youniq Minds

As a consultant, I help clients create a culture of accountability and initiative
that fosters shared responsibility within an organisation.

I help clients design and deploy people strategies
aligned to business requirements in

Talent Management

Diversity & Inclusion


Hi-Potential Development Programs

I ensure that your employees consistently remain engaged and productive.
With my solutions at Youniq Minds you can expect improved
business outcomes and a better employee experience

Research at Cornell University studied several hundred companies that invested in key HR practices.
The result showed significant financial impacts:


Higher Sales Growth


Higher Profit Growth


Lower Employee Turnover

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To Solve Your Challenges

be it professional, personal or about leadership