We usually look for change when we feel that we are stuck and something presently is not working for us.

Our aspirations, views and needs are forever changing/evolving. Our desire to change is part of this evolution, which is required for us to achieve growth. We enable this growth process through our interventions which are customized for an individual, a team, or an organization.


We begin the journey with our clients by understanding their “Now” and “What next?”. We then explore with them their goals, core beliefs, rethinking the situation from different perspectives, trying alternative strategies, exploring new opportunities and adopting new strategies. The journey for each of the clients is unique, simply because each one of them is unique! Our methodology is very closely aligned to our tagline “Now inspires Next’. It ensures an exciting and fulfilling coaching journey for all our clients!

What Can Coaching Do For You?

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to take personal and professional development to a deeper and more sustainable level. Whether the focus is on the individual or a team or the entire organization, coaching can create an environment that enables deeper introspection and self-awareness. It can help identify clear developmental goals and drive a sustainable yet transformational change. 

Reduced Burnout

Coaching reduces employee burnout by more than 15%. Burnout is a silent derailer that creeps into the system slowly and shows up only when it’s too late to do anything. Through coaching, clients can learn to create harmony in their personal & professional life. 

Source: Jamanetwork

Increased Performance

Organizations that use coaching see an increase in performance by 32%. Coaching helps unlock potential and helps people become more open to overcome challenges that they might be experiencing as roadblocks. 

Source:  Tandfonline

Increased ROI

Coaching is emerging as one of those interventions that is producing enormous ROI for the company and for the individuals who invest in it.

Source:  Forbes

Building Inspiring Behaviors

With the right coaching, you can build behaviors that will help you in inspiring others. Inspiring behaviors include motivating others, including others, and nurturing others. You can inspire by empowering, recognizing, encouraging, and creating alignment. Don’t forget that while you do all this you need to continuously build relationships – this usually ensures success. 

Building Thriving Behaviors

We need habits and behaviors that can help us thrive across all facets of life. Coaching is a stepping-stone to help build a useful toolkit of habits or behaviors that enable us to be in control. Coaching is a journey that helps us discover new ways to think, adapt, and accomplish goals under all circumstances.

Increase Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the first step towards self-efficacy, cultivating a growth mindset, building hope and optimism. With increased self-awareness, we start taking ownership of our behaviors and ultimately of our successes or failures. 

Inspire Your Next

The next chapter of your life should read “now that I know better, I will do better” . Responding to constant innovation is difficult, but it will help you thrive in a business environment that is continuously spinning at a startling pace. Coaching improves thinking both deep and wide, which enables you to successfully adapt to dynamic environments.

Our work in numbers


You’re in good company

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

Jyotsna has done a terrific job at bringing structure in people management in my company; she is relationship driven like no other professional I have come across, willing to learn and adapt even after 2 decades of experience and really wants to make a difference with her work – because she has what is so rare, she cares. 

Piyush Suri
CEO, 5by7

Intuitive, responsive, caring, wonderful listener.  She helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel by breaking down the steps. Everytime I finished a session with Jyotsna, it felt like a weight has been lifted from my mind & heart. She truly cares about you & believes in your abilities. I was really luck to find a friend in her which am not letting go my entire life.

Nidhi Singh,
AVP – British Multinational Bank

I approached Bhavna when I was struggling to decide whether to quit my job or to be a stay-at-home mom. I needed someone to help me put things into perspective and take a logical decision. It was very easy to open up to her and she was always positive and encouraging. Right from the first session, she helped identify both key issues and the strategies to address them. I felt the sessions were always engaging and result oriented. I highly recommend Bhavna as an effective and competent coach.

Divya Jain
Senior Manager in India’s leading real estate database website

Jyotsna and I got matched through Cherie Blair’s Foundation Mentoring program, during the past 5 months we have worked on leadership and the resilience built through out this pandemic which impacts heavily on my own business specialized in travel. With great listening and analytical skills, Jyotsna has given me great insights and directions to clear out my pathways through hardship and confusion I encountered along the way. Especially her positive energy has made me feel very comfortable to share my personal values. I appreciate her kind approach without any judgement which opens lots of opportunities for me to explore and apply.

Linh Truong
Co-Owner & Deputy Director, Terraverde Travel

I am happy to have the pleasure working with Jyotsna. She enabled me to explore my hidden potentials and provided relevant tools that are very applicable. Our sessions really improved my decision-making ability.

Linggar Satrio Permadi
Key Account Manager in the world’s largest pump manufacturing company

I met Jyostna as my Coach, during a leadership development roadmap. It was a beautiful journey since then as I’ve learned a lot. She has helped look through myself to know my deepest thoughts and has helped me express myself in a better way. She has helped me in creating a connection with my values and strengths which has given me confidence and better perspective on things including how they serve me at workplace and in life!

Roopa Bhattacharya
Sr. Software Engineer an in IT firm

First and foremost, thank you Mrs. Bhavna for accepting my candidature to have myself coached under your able guidance. The sessions were powerful and I could feel the layers of complexity disappear as we progressed with our sessions. I got clarity and my conflicts resolved within.

I liked the manner in which you as a coach firstly introduced me to the scope of coaching, empathised with my conflicts, helped me define my coaching objectives and then set forth on the journey of enriching sessions with a disciplined and professional method. With your help, I found out a very important aspect of life that all the answers lie within one’s self and one needs to just slow down and search for them. The process is accelerated, when an experienced coach like you offers to help.

Any amount of recognition for your help will be less, as I feel very thankful for your help. I am a senior doctor and a Professor in my field and I see many people, who could really benefit with your coaching. The best compliment I want to give you for your efforts is by referring to a near or dear one in your family or a friend under your care. Thank you!

Professor (Dr.) Kapil Gandhi

Bhavna as a coach has been a revelation for me. She has this amazing ability, to provoke, incite and drive self-reflection. She helps to identify, indeed create powerful contexts and frameworks, whilst driving you to own your own personal and professional agenda. All of this is backed up by a wonderful and warm human being who excels at creating a ‘safe’ non judgmental space in which to start one’s coaching journey be it personal or professional. For me this has been critical in keeping me focused, forward looking and positive during these difficult periods.

Nakul Pathak
GM, NAVA+ Group

I am beyond grateful for the coaching I have received from Bhavna. While Bhavna and I have been close friends for a long time, the opportunity to have Coaching conversations with her allowed me to experience a different side to Bhavna’s personality – one that is characterized by empathy, care, sincere interest in helping the other person achieve their goals and realize their innate potential. What I have appreciated immensely about her is the open, honest, transparent and collaborative coaching style, and how she made it comfortable to have honest and what can be difficult or vulnerable conversations. Bhavna is an excellent listener and has an incredible ability to ask the right questions that serve as a catalyst for deep revelation and change. The thoughtful questions she asked during the course of our conversations allowed me to reflect and ‘peel back the onion’, and develop solid action plans and identify real-life situations where I could apply what we came up with. Simple and practical ideas including journaling, being more aware and conscious of my inner voice and emotions, engaging in positive affirmations and reading are some of the ways Bhavna encouraged me to focus on. I was amazed with the results and progress I saw for myself and ‘aha’ moments I experienced! Bhavna encouraged me to reflect on my core ‘values’ at different junctures, distilled them out, communicated them back to me while connecting the dots with my professional and personal life. This was such a powerful exercise and a great reminder of ‘why’ I do what I do, and brought me a great sense of joy and fulfillment. Bhavna has not only helped me navigate my professional ‘change’ journey, maximize my potential, but also helped me achieve greater self-awareness that would enable me to make the best of opportunities that lie ahead. With her guidance and coaching, I am confident you can experience the same.

Annie Singh (Harleen)
Senior Manager, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership at
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

Every session with Jyotsna has been meaningful. I normally find it hard to open up and share, but Jyotsna has a calming and positive presence and created a safe space for me to share my thoughts, problems and weaknesses. She asked just the right questions that helped me find solutions to the problems myself. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but being aware about them can turn even weaknesses to strengths. Jyotsna slowly builds this kind of awareness in us in her sessions. Self-awareness and Clarity are the greatest superpowers one can possess, and Jyotsna simply brought out these powers in my.

So grateful for the same. Thank you so much, Jyotsna!

Sai Krithika R
Software Engineer | Multinational IT Company

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