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Snippets of Feedback From
My Transformational Collaborations!

Piyush Suri, CEO, 5by7

Jyotsna has done a terrific job at bringing structure in people management in my company; she is relationship driven like no other professional I have come across, willing to learn and adapt even after 2 decades of experience and really wants to make a difference with her work – because she has what is so rare, she cares. 

Indu Malhotra, Director, HR, Jhpiego

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in undertaking multiple assignments with Jhpiego. To name a few – international staff mentoring, orienting them, designing the policy manual for them. You have been an extremely encouraging, mature and thorough professional. You have helped us to facilitate the cultural coaching sessions for international midwife trainers and bring positive change to collectively create the culture we desire. You have an in-depth knowledge about Indian culture and great coaching skills, which is an invaluable resource in this regard. You are extremely supportive, experienced HR professional with in-depth subject knowledge and maturity to provide advice. You have a solution oriented and result oriented approach. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Looking forward to more opportunities in future.

Nidhi Singh, AVP, Barclays

Intuitive, responsive, caring, and a wonderful listener. She helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel by breaking down the steps. Everytime I finished a session with Jyotsna, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my mind & heart. She truly cares about you & believes in your abilities. I am really lucky to find a friend in her who I am not letting go my entire life.

Linggar S Permadi, Key Acc Manager, Grundfos

Intuitive, responsive, caring, and a wonderful listener. She helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel by breaking down the steps. Every time I finished a session with Jyotsna, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my mind & heart. She truly cares about you & believes in your abilities. I am really lucky to find a friend in her who I am not letting go my entire life.

Abdul Salam, Works in a multinational IT firm

Jyotsna is an amazing coach. She is very supportive, incredibly intuitive, extremely goal-oriented, highly professional, and very friendly. Within 30 minutes of our first session, Jyotsna assessed and offered a view of my strengths and limitations. Over the next few sessions with her, we built a robust and actionable plan for my growth that we then implemented. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period personally and professionally. Working with Jyotsna, I’ve achieved challenging career objectives, improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balance in my life. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual with a clear vision of life today as a result of coaching. 

Linh Truong, Deputy Director, Terraverde Travel

As part of Cherie Blair’s Foundation Mentoring program, Jyotsna and I worked for 5 months on leadership and resilience building. This is directly related to my own travel company. Jyotsna has provided me with great insights and directions to clear out my path through hardship and confusion I encountered along the way. Particularly her positive energy has made it easy for me to share my personal values. I appreciate her kind approach without judgement, which opened up many opportunities for me.

Sai Krithika R, Software Engineer at a IT MNC

Every session with Jyotsna has been meaningful. I normally find it hard to open up and share, but Jyotsna has a calming and positive presence and created a safe space for me to share my thoughts, problems and weaknesses. She asked just the right questions that helped me find solutions to the problems myself. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but being aware of them can turn even weaknesses to strengths. Jyotsna slowly builds this kind of awareness in us in her sessions. Self-awareness and Clarity are the greatest superpowers one can possess, and Jyotsna simply brought out these powers in me.

So grateful for the same. Thank you so much, Jyotsna!

Janardan Revuru, Director of Engineering, Dell Technologies

I got connected to Jyotsna as part of the LEAD (leadership development) program of Dell Technologies. It was great to have someone external to my organisation to coach me, both by offering a safe environment and professional assistance. I found Jyotsna exceptionally good at helping me in areas where I cannot define the problem. After half an hour of rambling, she asks one or two clarifying questions and frames the problem in one or two sentences. She is spot on and does the magic with great ease. I found the sessions very useful.

Nihal Kumar Das, Software Engineer 2, Dell Technologies

Growth is not measured by metrics or data, but it’s about going through a journey that empowers you to achieve – what you have aimed for. It’s always wonderful when you have people who can give you insights and point out directions for scavenging the next. Jyotsna is a stalwart when it comes to leading the way for people like me while navigating uncertainties and decisions that would have a stellar impact on my journey. When we started, I was always in the mindset of a college graduate who is trying to break the barriers of college and get absorbed completely into this professional journey of career growth. We all evolve, but even a diamond needs a LAPIDARIST to be at the best of its ability i.e., to change from a mere rock to the SHINY DIAMOND. What Jyotsna has helped me achieve would probably need a lot of pages to elaborate, but in short – “She is the one who helped polish my abilities to understand my worth and shine”. A professional coach helps their client gain velocity by moulding to the ways in which their client is comfortable. After All, each one of us will have a different journey. No size fits all. Thanks a ton Jyotsna for all your time. Appreciate your help and I have aced building a new relationship that will go on forever. You know a lot of sugar could lead to Diabetes. Ain’t that right ? But believe me – Not this one. Haha

Dhiraj Subramaniam, Senior Software Engineer, Dell Technologies

It was my immense pleasure to be a mentee of Jyotsna for a year. It was game-changing for me in multiple facets of my personal and professional life, and I would wholeheartedly credit Jyotsna for the same. She helped me dissect my strengths and weaknesses and guided me in assessing each of them individually. During our fortnightly sessions, we covered various topics such as Authenticity, Work-Life Balance, Productivity, and Relationship, and she was an expert at each of them. Being a major introvert, I usually find it very difficult to open up to people. But Jyotsna created a safe space for me to lay bare my biggest worries and helped me navigate through them. She was instrumental in helping me steer through the ups and downs during the pandemic, akin to an instructor placing one hand on the steering wheel even while letting you drive with confidence. I will forever cherish this journey, and I can’t thank her enough for it.

Krishna Vasudevan, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, IT MNC

I met Jyotsna through a coaching program at my workplace. In our work together, we mostly focussed on honing my leadership skills, and she provided exceptional value in her ability to double click into situations and offer tools and plans of action to enable me. Jyotsna is a joy to work with and has the ability to connect quickly. She is an excellent listener and honed in on keywords from my descriptions. She was able to give excellent perspectives on work/personal situations and offer alternative ways to view things along with assisting me to see the birds’ eye view. Every session was actionable, and she kept me accountable by assigning homework in which I had to practice using different tools in specific situations. I highly recommend Jyotsna as a life and career coach.

Reji Rajendran, Associate Director, Communication Tech Firm

Jyotsna is warm and friendly, with a very practical and sensible approach to coaching. She has helped in elevating my thoughts and channelizing my strengths, challenging me to face my fears, pushing my limits, and putting in the right perspectives about what matters.
She is a very keen and active listener and a great communicator. She analyzes and rightly unearths and summarizes the crux of any problem and guides the conversation to the root causes and solutions. Through a very structured leadership coaching program with her, I was able to reaffirm my strengths, create my short and long-term goals and get her guidance on how to slowly and steadily work towards them. I am inspired by her coaching style, the way she is professional and personal at the same time, and how she has been able to bring out the best in me. I would recommend Jyotsna to anyone who aspires to hone their leadership skills and broaden their perspectives about career and life.


CJ Haywood – Legal Proofreader

Like all my sessions with Ms. Jo, this was life-changing! As usual, we discussed techniques that will help me to make more intentional decisions in my life and better understand the actions of those around me. She tied the information she shared with me into details about my profession while being concise and clear

Anamika Bhuiyan, Manager at Lexmark International

It has been a great learning experience with Jyotsna. She has a great understanding of the industry culture and its challenges. Her perspectives in those areas helped me a lot in dealing with difficult situations

Amit Agarwal, Director, Global Deployment and Adoption, AIS (Ansys)

Coach Jyotsna has helped me enhance my self-awareness, confidence, effectiveness, and visibility within my organisation. I enjoyed her coaching style of listening without judgement, leveraging real-life experiences, and going the extra mile. Her jovial approach has made the interaction very lively.

Theresa Spralling, Associate Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at AT&T

In a word – Wow! My journey with Jo continues to be simply amazing insightful, and quite productive. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I find it life-changing.

Arthi Parmar, Architect & Founder, Mapletree Architects

There is nothing more beautiful than someone going out of their way to make life beautiful for others – MANDY HALE. Jyotsna has helped me in making my life beautiful through her coaching sessions. When I started my coaching conversation, I was stuck, directionless, and unhappy, and I knew I was hitting rock bottom. I felt I was moving away from my core personality and ambitions at that moment. I met Jyotsna through the TSD Community. At first, I was skeptical because I thought therapy was a better solution for me. But intuitively, I decided to sign up for Jyotsna’s coaching session. This has been nothing short of magic for me. These sessions provided a safe space to share, think, and decide on the following action. They were light-hearted, complimented my thinking style, judgment-free, and insightful. Jyotsna knew how to tackle my problems with the right questions and gave me simple tasks to understand myself better. I have learned things I can use forever, like approaching an unfavorable situation and questioning my thinking. I have developed a problem-solving attitude. I have become free of the “what people will think. “I have become more appreciative of myself. I have started seeing possibilities and have started my business with new zeal. This is relieving and rewarding for me. I want to truly thank Jyotsna for understanding and helping me through this phase of life and making me happier. A big thank you to you, Jyotsna

Laura Angelica Millan Garduno, R&D Sr Product Development Manager, Mars

Jo is an amazing coach; she helped me so much to address my challenges as a leader. She was always kind and sensitive whenever she gave me feedback. Even though she is based in India and I am in the US, it was worth it to get up early to have my session with her. I learned a lot about myself during the sessions, now it is clear that to become a better leader I need to start leading myself. One tool she taught me is the vision board, which has become a compass in my life; you set your goals in a visual way, which is a very good reminder of the intentions and forces you to take action. Jo is a very good listener. Key skill to be able to ask the right questions and decode the situation, especially when I was not able to explain exactly what was happening, and then, being able to give guidance. I really recommend Jo as a coach. Thanks Laura

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Business Cases

Cases of our interventions with businesses across a range of industries will give you a better idea of how we approach different challenges 

Level – Senior Leader
Duration – 6 Months

Challenge – Transition management into a senior leadership role. The incumbents are newly appointed leaders in the Partner role and need support during their initial six months of settling in their new role.

Solution – One-on-One Individual Coaching session with each participant in a gap of 2 weeks. 12 sessions per participant

Level – Senior Leader
Duration – 8 Months

Challenge – Leaders are very good at their work and they understand their customer’s requirements and innovation, and generate business. These leaders are significant for the success of the company. The challenges they faced were giving tough feedback to people, having development conversations with the employees, grooming 2nd and 3rd lines of leadership, managing disagreements, etc.

Solution – One-on-one Individual Coaching session with the participants. 10 session per participant

Level – Senior Leader
Duration – 6 Months

Challenge – Transition management into a senior leadership role. The incumbents are newly appointed leaders in the Partner role and need support during their initial six months of settling in their new role.

Solution – One-on-One Individual Coaching session with each participant in a gap of 2 weeks. 12 sessions per participant

Level – Individual Contributtors, 1st Line Managers, 2nd Line Managers
Duration – 12 Months

Challenge – Every year the organisation identifies hi-potentials employees in the business verticals. The purpose of identifying these Hi-Pos is to create a leadership bench and also to retain high-performing employees.

Solution – Combination of four different interventions
• One-on-one individual coaching Session with each individual
• Self-paced learning
• Project Work
• Group sessions on common topics on the following topics:
 – Influencing Skill
     – Ability to work in Ambiguity
     – Collaborate effectively
     – Assertiveness
     – Strategic thinking
     – Delegation Skills

Level – 1st Line Managers
Duration – 6 Months

Challenge – New Manager Orientation & Coaching Program – This program organization has identified women employees in a people manager role. It was a mixed group of participants, some were first-time managers and some managers had 2 to 3 years of people management experience.

Solution – Combination of twodifferent interventions
• One-on-One Individual Coaching session with each participant in a gap of 2 weeks.
12 sessions per participant.
• Session on topics like
– Navigating Transition
– Influence Skill

Level – Expatriates
Duration – 3 Months

Challenge – Coaching program for Expats who had come to India on a long-term project. They had never been to India before, so the project’s success depended on them becoming comfortable in the new environment (country).

Solution – One-on-one coaching & group orientation virtual sessions were deployed for the expats.

Individual Cases

Cases of our interventions with individuals from diverse backgrounds and stages of life, offering a wide variety of approaches to different  professional challenges

Gender – Male
Type of intervention – Coaching

Concern – How to work with a demanding boss. I have a tough boss and the environment is also sometimes very toxic. However, the company is good. What do I need to do to ensure that I am not impacted by this. I want to change things for myself before calling it quits. I think I can do it, but I need help.

Gender – Female
Type of intervention – Career Coaching

Concern – I want to quit my work, and I want to start my own business.

Gender – Female
Type of intervention – Mentoring

Concern – How to be more effective in the workplace, especially in the Executive meetings

Gender – Female
Type of intervention – Coaching

Concern – Balancing work and personal life. Difficulty in managing stress & anger.

Gender – Male
Type of intervention – Mentoring

Concern – I need help in transitioning into my new role of a Senior position, I feel I can’t speak freely and openly until I am settled in my new role, problems are complex and I have many stakeholders.

We also work with our clients on their personal concerns

I have done everything; I am told that I am a good performer, yet I am not getting promoted to the next level.

I am so busy at work that I am missing my responsibilities to my family. I feel guilty about it. I feel drained and exhausted all the time while keeping up with so many expectations

I work so hard, I am neck-deep in work, yet nobody sees that or recognizes me for the amount of work I do. I feel unappreciated and unrecognized. And I am not getting paid very well and have no scope for promotion

How can I improve my employee engagement score?

I have a demanding boss who has tons of feedback for me; I am losing my confidence and reputation in the company

How can I do difficult conversations without burning bridges – getting bullied by colleagues, asking for a raise, asking for a promotion, calling out a poor performer, taking action against a team member.

I dread giving presentations and making my presence felt during meetings. I feel nervous when I have to speak to the senior management.

How can I better manage myself so that people don’t take me for granted? How can I create a healthy distance from others? How can I learn to say No as I can’t say no to others?

I cannot make allies at the workplace who will help me grow. I get very angry and upset go into my shell at the workplace when I get criticized. I can’t work with stringent deadlines. These all topics fall under Emotional Intelligence.

I am confused and want to leave this corporate world to pursue something more meaningful and satisfying. Can you help me with identifying what that might be?

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