Our Story

We founded Youniq-minds with a mission to create a consulting firm that will work in the people-services space with two offering coaching and People Advisory Services. We believe that every individual, group and enterprise is ‘unique’ and has an inherent potential to grow. 

 We believe that there is immense potential that can be discovered and unleashed to achieve synergy and transformational change. We have a passion to build leaders and managers who will become future ready. We believe that these leaders will drive growth of the organization. Our desire to work in this space of coaching came from our experience at different stages in our own careers. We have experienced that the kind of opportunities an organization gives to an executive for personal development lacked long-term effectiveness and provided very limited results primarily because those are not personalized to each individual’s need. When we started Youniq-minds we decided to support the L&D/ HR leaders in revolutionizing this approach to employee development along with providing long term value to the employee.  

Through our People Advisory services, we offer our experience and expertise to our clients to develop people capital through initiatives that enable shifts in perspective and elevate performance and productivity.

We will always strive to provide solutions that are bespoke, effective and sustainable. Our customers mean the world to us and we hope that we will mean the world to them. Work with us and live the Youniq-minds experience!!

Meet the Youniq Team

Jyotsna Kukreti Dobriyal

Founder and Executive Coach


ICF – Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Hogan Assessment Certification
Foundation Course on Appreciative Inquiry
Diploma in NLP & Advanced NLP

About me

With a 20-year foundation as a national HR leader, my coaching mission is to help guide you toward positive and sustainable outcomes.

With a degree in Human Resource Management, I started my career as a management intern in 1999 and worked for multinational organizations as a catalyst for leaders who wanted to enhance the performance of both their people and organization. My areas of expertise include organizational design, talent management, talent acquisition, organizational development, leadership development, and learning and change management.

After finding coaching for myself in 2011, I decided to parallel my career track and earn my certification in the field of coaching and assessment. As a coach, I have worked with everyone from high-potential employees to parents returning to the workforce to mid-level managers prepping for senior advancement to aspiring female leaders. Together, we find their unique potential and strengths to drive professional and personal growth. I know that achieving goals isn’t rocket science, but it does require being deliberate about time and task. My coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that “All the resources lie within us.” I work with my clients on a one-on-one basis to help boost performance and productivity and eliminate wasted effort.


Bhavna Nipun Krishnan

Co-Founder and Executive Coach


ICF – Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Diploma in NLP
Advanced Diploma in NLP

About me

With 21 years of experience of Leadership Hiring my experience has predominantly been in the Consumer, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing & Infrastructure sectors. I led search delivery for many challenging mandates at leadership levels by bringing a deep understanding of organizations from both an outside in and an inside out perspective.

All these years in Executive Search gave me an opportunity to work with senior professionals, across geographical boundaries. Having worked with CXOs, HODs and professionals gave me an insight into what it takes for a leader to Grow and Lead. This quest to find the qualities of a true leader led me to a new journey of understanding people from the lens of what coaching can enable.

I now support my clients as an Executive Coach in their journey towards self awareness. It enables them to benefit from a long-lasting result and a sustainable outcome. With a conscious commitment towards making a difference and helping people realize their true potential, my belief that every human is potent and resourceful is my ultimate driving force.

Our Coaching Process

Our professional qualifications bring a much accelerated growth to a coachee’s career. We build practices around creating a positive change with their own infinite resources and ensure a continued support even after the completion of our programs.