Corporate Dressing From The Eyes Of A Fashion Designer

Sep 10, 2022

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“Clothing is practically second skin to us!”

When it comes to dressing, one must really look into what makes up a good outfit. Corporate dressing creates work personality and has an impact on confidence as well. That is why, it is said “dress for the occasion”.

What is Corporate Dressing?

  1. Business formals – Corporate garments are tailored, well-fitting pieces that are often a variety of neutral tones including black, white, and navy and the ensemble often feature pops of color in the accessories. It is a formal way of dressing which is crisp, clean, and confident.
  2. Business uniforms – Some industry types have its own standard uniform like healthcare, food and beverage, lawyer etc. There is a magical effect of uniform among employees as it instantly gives a sense of belonging to an employee.
  3. Business casuals – Business casual is an ambiguously defined Western dress code that is generally considered casual wear, but with smart tag of “well dressed” components. It is a proper lounge suit from traditional informal wear.

Importance and Impact of Corporate Dressing

“Always dress the way you want to be addressed“

Dressing formally not only reflects your image, but also the organization you represent. You would have noticed that an individual who looks presentable is liked and appreciated by all. It is said that one who is formally and reasonably dressed does not have to try too hard to impress a customer.

  1. Corporate dressing helps you develop a magnetic personality which attracts other individuals – People enter a workplace with a certain frame of mind. Dressing up appropriately can make you approachable and reliable for your colleagues. It increases your executive presence!
  2. Corporate dressing helps remove prejudices associated with personal choices and backgrounds. Thus, it promotes equal treatment and no judgement at the workplace
  3. Corporate dressing helps you create an impression. It creates an image about you, your commitment at work and sometimes it’s called a show of respect for other professionals like you.
  4. It has a role to build confidence. I am sure you know this phrasePower Dressing”. This name reflects the confidence and conviction of “I will achieve attitude”.
  5. It brings discipline and sets the right mood. Outfit-type helps you to get in the psychological zone. I would invite you to experiment this, if you are working on an important project, dress up in a way that you would dress up while meeting your top boss. You will notice a different energy and would be able to achieve more. Do let me know what was your experience was like?

Common Mistakes of Corporate Dressing

  1. Wearing colors that stand out for different reasons. Remember color affects people’s perceptions about you. Focusing on colors might not only help you narrow down your choices, but may also benefit your career. Strong, bright and vibrant colors, lot of prints, make you look flamboyant and loud.
    Do you know? Research has shown that color can greatly affect our moods and the way other people respond to us
  2. Not considering footwear as part of the corporate dress. Research has shown us to be judged by our footwear. The fact that we are analyzed from the bottom up, we must make choices that will help us complete the perfect outfit.
  3. Wearing clothes with inappropriate sayings or pictures. The more casual your style, the less authority and power you appear.
  4. Underestimating the power of grooming and clean/ironed clothes.
  5. Wearing socks that attract unwanted attention.

How to use dressing style to develop your personal statement?

  1. Your dress should reflect who you are. Express yourself in a way you want people to perceive you.
  2. Whenever in doubt, choose neutral colors such as blue, gray, white, khaki, and black. Subtle colors look good, plain shirts are always in style, but you can also go for shirts in stripes, checks or micro-checks.
  3. Never typecast your look. Keep observing what is in trend, what would suit your body type and what newness you can bring to your personality using your wardrobe.
  4. Wear well-made, well-fitting and well-maintained clothes. A good fit is one that moves with you. Considering so much awareness around minimalism to avoid wastage etc. It is important to pay attention to the maintenance of clothes. 
  5. Groom your skin, hair, and nails. Wear a mild fragrance. Fragrance has the power to make us think, feel, or even do. Pay attention to your Jewelry.
  6. Wear comfortable yet chic footwear as you will be spending a good amount of time on them.

Written by Shrishti Kushwaha

Blog writer Shristhi Kushwaha is a fashion designer by qualification and is a founder of Urrban Uvaa which celebrates the urban young spirit of India. You can reach her via LinkedIn or her Instagram handle.

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