If you look back over the number of years that you have worked in the corporate world, you may realize that you are a much improved version of yourself and have also made a difference to your organization(s). But have you ever wondered - how different it would have been if you had someone who was unbiased, had your best interest at heart and had guided you through that journey? How much more could you have done or achieved? Could you have delivered a more significant impact for your organization? 
War for Talent - we have been speaking about the war for talent for almost a decade now. This is not a new phenomenon; however, it manifests itself very differently for different organizations and industries. The problem is that it is usually most acute in companies/industries growing fast or which have the highest potential to grow and for skills difficult to come by.
We often hear the statement “You have a lot more potential” or “You haven’t yet tapped into your potential” or simply “Play to your potential”. Have you ever wondered what does this mean?
In today’s time, workplaces need people who are masters at managing their emotions. This becomes vital when people move into managerial roles and shift their focus to deliver tasks with the help of the team. Top performers are often seen to possess high emotional intelligence and not just the capability to deliver the task. Emotions define the range of possible behavior of a person. To become emotionally intelligent, we need to recognize and understand our own reactions to situations. This gives us the ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate the emotions of others. To master these emotions, or to be able to better manage them, we have to master ourselves
Corporate dressing is art of dressing formally, yet correctly to reflect your personality. Corporate dressing helps an individual to dress according to his work profile and organization culture. That is why we notice that each industry type has over a period has developed its own fashion statement. Despite this there are no hard and fast rules for corporate clothing. It is open to interpretation. In general, we classify business wear into several different categories:
The Mid-Career Crisis is real and is commonly experienced by professionals at some stage of their career. This leads to people not being as effective as they were earlier, feeling stressed, directionless, and sometimes even losing their jobs. In this blog, I would like to share my experience of dealing with this myself and of my clients who were going through Mid-Career Crisis.
Executive Presence is the ability to project confidence and gravitas, in front of all stakeholders, even under times of stress/pressure. A person with great executive presence can present points effectively, read the audience’s mind, adapt his/her style if required and most importantly can influence people towards a mutually beneficial outcome. Usually, people with good executive presence are noticed, heard, trusted, and considered impactful/effective.
Often in life, we are caught in circumstances that leave us with lot of negativity or concerns. Have you ever been caught in hopelessness or in spiral of concerns or flurry of negative thoughts, if yes then this blog is for you! I am a very practical person and I tend to always evaluate extreme situations from my practical lens. Despite being a practical person, I have experienced that sometimes situations or emotions overpower us. This leads a person to a so-called dark place where things look bad, thoughts are negative, we see ourselves as victims etc.
In today’s world when you start earning after years of hard work trying to get your degree, with that free cash flow you taste the freedom to spend your own money, on things you want to. But this is the time you need to have a sense of priorities and proportion, so as to not make the mistakes likely in this phase. We discuss here, what all should be prioritized:
The second wave of COVID 19 in India has been much bigger and more brutal than the first one. One word that defines the second wave is helplessness!Despite having the willingness to help, and the will to spend resources to support others, we are not able to help anyone. We cannot buy oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, ventilator enabled beds or medicine because they are just not available.