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Cohort means a group of people coming together for learning and development. Keeping this and few more things in mind we have created this offering for people who are passionate about growing in all aspects of their life.

We have named our Cohort as ‘Tapestry’

Word Tapestry is used in reference to an intricate or complex sequence of events. We found this word very relatable to our lives. Every individual’s life is an intricate and complex sequence of events. Over a period, these events shape us. Some events occur in our life and some are chosen by us because they have the power to create a better me or a better you!

We have curated this cohort with a purpose to contribute to your growth & success. It will deliver profound benefits as we have integrated interventions that will bring best out of you.

Program Highlights

For Corporate Professionals.

Upto 10 participants in a cohort for maximum learning & networking.

Six 1-on-1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each


Two facilitated group meetings.

Post cohort support for two moths.         

Entire Program will be conducted virtually using zoom or skype.

Takeaways / Expected outcomes
Excited co-workers
  • Improved awareness of one’s thought processes/ideas/beliefs.
  • Awareness of unconscious bias that dictates certain choices and actions.
  • Identification of thoughts/behaviors that are not contributing to happiness/success.
  • Acquire new behaviors and habits that would enable your growth in the path that you want.
  • Better relationship with stakeholders and self.
  • Overall better sense of balance and control over one’s actions and career path and much more.

Join us for 3 months! Discover, Explore and Uncover your strategy to bring the desired shift!

Create giant leap forward by joining this cohort.

It is a great way to accomplish your next goal.